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LEARN about Asiago PDO, Speck Alto Adige PGI, and Pecorino Romano PDO and what makes them the Uncommon Flavors of Europe and you can EARN and accumulate points in our contest for a trip to visit the places where they are made in the Italian Dolomite mountains and on the Island of Sardinia. Five trips will be awarded to those who complete the challenge and it could be you. Register to begin or simply login if you already created an account.


….these lucky 7 are going to Italy! Congrats to Joe Ciardullo, Kelly Strobel, Carlo Gambale, Carol Penn-Romine, Amber D’Angelo, Simona Taioli and Marian McKenney who will join the Uncommon Flavors Learn & Earn Study Trip to Italy. Their passion for and knowledge of PDO/PGI foods of Europe, specifically Speck Alto Adige, Pecorino Romano and Asiago has earned them an all-expenses paid trip to see production first hand! Buon Viaggio!


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