Asiago PDO

Verdant Fields Protected by the Alps

For 1000 years, milk-producing animals have enjoyed a tasty diet of lush, flower-filled grasses in the provinces surrounding the Asiago Plateau, from where this fabled cheese gets its name. With the Alps as a backdrop, the environment has remained pristine and Asiago PDO a constant source of culinary inspiration.

Two Ages to Love

There are two versions of Asiago PDO: "Stagionato" (Aged) or "Fresco" (Fresh). Skimming cow’s milk allows traditional Asiago “Stagionato,” sometimes called “d’allevo,” to be aged for varying lengths of time, producing a range of sensory characteristics like yeasty and sweet Asiago Mezzano PDO (aged 4-6 months), nutty and fragrant Asiago Vecchio PDO (aged 10+ months), and spicy and intense Asiago Stravecchio PDO (aged 15+ months). A buttery and tangy Asiago Fresco PDO (aged 30-50 days) is made from whole milk and pressed.

How to recognize Asiago PDO

Asiago PDO is a unique cheese produced in a mountainous area of Italy where the mild climate, pure air and rich vegetation come together to create an unparalleled flavor. To ensure that you are buying the authentic Asiago PDO from Italy, look on the rind for the word "Asiago" pressed into it. For the best flavor and quality, don’t settle for an imitation.

Quick FactsFresh Asiago PDO

Made from three ingredients: whole pasteurized cow’s milk, salt, and rennet

Tastes of fresh milk and melts easily on your tongue to reveal sweet buttery and slightly tangy notes

Presence of live lactic cultures, similar to yoghurt, help support digestive health

Useful Tips for Fresh Asiago PDO

# 1

Pair with orange blossom or wild flower honey and spicy jams.

# 2

Melts like a dream for oozy grilled cheese sandwiches, yummy pizza and flatbreads, and creamy scrambled eggs.

# 3

Excellent in salads and dishes with spring vegetables, radishes, fresh mushrooms, asparagus, and zucchini.

# 4

Pair with sparkling whites like Franciacorta and Prosecco, and fruity, herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc

Quick FactsAged Asiago PDO

Made from three ingredients: partially skimmed cow’s milk, salt, and rennet

Flavor develops with aging from fragrantly yeasty and sweet (4-6 months Mezzano); to toasted and nutty (10+ months Vecchio); to spicy, balanced with a touch of salted caramel (15+ months Stravecchio)

One and a half ounces provides 25% of your daily protein

Useful Tips for Aged Asiago PDO

# 1

Pair with sage honey and berry jams (Mezzano); sourwood honey and fig jam (Vecchio); chestnut honey and fruit pastes (Stravecchio)

# 2

Shave into salads and stir into risotto.

# 3

Bakes wonderfully into crisps or as a topping on breads, scones, and biscuits.

# 4

Pair with Chianti, Amarone della Valpolicella, and Moscato

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Asiago PDO

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